All beliefs and faiths - Christian, interfaith, or civil ceremonies

Family and friends can be included

No counseling required

Unlimited photography

Personalized and detailed wedding ceremony

Written just for you

Coordinated your way

Your choice of location

Your beliefs & values

Doug Robison

Congratulations on your engagement!

Your wedding day is as special and as individual as you are. Everything about it should reflect your uniqueness, especially your ceremony. This is the one day in your lives when you have the opportunity to publicly express your love for each other and make your own special promises and vows to each other.

Many couples today don't want a "generic" ceremony, one that looks and sounds like everyone else's. Based on what we discuss, your ceremony will be uniquely yours by being completely personalized and customized. And if you wish, I will include some of the high points of your own romantic "love story." I will say this for the benefit of your family and friends, who love you and care about you, but may not know your story. However, I will only share things about you that you choose, and in the way you want it to be remembered. But I won't guess what you want said and done. I will provide you a complete written "script" in plenty of time before your wedding for you to review and approve.

The writing out of the script is especially important, so you will always know exactly what to expect, personalized and customized to be meaningful and special, reflecting you and your beloved's beliefs, values, and wishes. I will work with you to make sure that you get the ceremony that you want. Together, we will make sure that your wedding is meaningful, special, and uniquely yours.

Your ceremony should be what YOU want, not what I want or what anyone else wants it to be. I give you the choices for everything; the ceremony, readings, poems, vows.

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